Ciao, Meowers!

a place for all things cat & future cat cafe


What's a Cat Cafe?

Cat cafes are essentially what you think of as a coffee shop, but in addition to coffee and snacks, there are... cats! You can come in to hang with the cats for some cuddle or play time, to get some school or work projects done with the help of feline assistants, or to meet up with friends for happy hour (which is always happier with cats around!). 

What about the Food?

We will offer pre-packaged foods that you can eat at the cafe or take with you. Because we want to be as animal-friendly as we can, we'll be offering super tasty vegan foods as well as vegan beer and wine as part of our beverage options.

And don't worry--the dining area will be completely separate from the cat rooms!


Can I Take Cats Home?

As a matter of fact, you WILL have that option! Once the cafe is open, you'll be able to come hang with the cats and socialize with them, but they will also be available for adoption. This will not only make you a happy cat cuddler, but it'll also make for happier cats while they await forever homes (and gives potential adopters quality meet and greet time). We hope this will help to lower the area's euthanasia rates by offering another adoption space outside of shelters.

How Can I Help?

We will be debuting our new Ciao Meow lapel pins and temporary tattoos at the Athens Pet Expo on October 22, and you will be able to purchase them on our website starting the first week of November. You can also help by sharing our social media posts to spread the word about our plans to more cat-loving folks!

If you are interested in becoming a cafe investor, please email us at info[at]ciaomeowcafe[dot]com.